Affordable Travel Makeup Brush Sets

Today’s post is about Affordable Travel Makeup Brush Sets! There are many different styles available to purchase. Some with only a few brushes that can be used for different applications. There are a lot of different affordable travel makeup brush sets but today I am only focusing on a set of 4 that I found to be a great price point for what you are getting.

In this post I will touch up on those who are looking for a minimalist style brush set or those looking for a large set for an affordable price. The option are endless when it comes to affordable travel makeup brush sets and I hope you find something that suits you needs.

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Real Techniques Travel Essentials Set

The Real Techniques Travel Essentials kit comes with three brushes and a drying/travel case. The three brushes contained in this kit are the Essentials Foundation Brush, Domed Shadow Brush and the Multi Task Brush (which can be used for powder/blush/contour application). The brush handles are average size and the travel case will fit into most luggage sets but may get lost in the shuffle.

This set is good to start with as it gives you three fundamental brushes and the ability to carry them or stand them up on a counter in any bathroom or desk while traveling. The case is a little bulky but is sturdy enough to survive those who do travel a lot. I think the best feature in this set is the ability to stand it on its side for easy access.

Eco Tools Five Piece Travel Set

The Eco Tools Five Piece Travel Set comes with 4 brushes, two powder/complexion brushes and two eye brushes. A small set but Ecotools is know for their quality essential brushes as seen in this set.

These brushes are in a small size, perfect for travel and those who prefer a shorter brush handle. EcoTools are well made and are easy to clean. The case the brushes come in is a good size and you will be able to pack this in a purse instead of your luggage. The brushes are small enough that they would not take up too much space on a hotel bathroom counter or small desk if that is all you have available to you.

e.l.f. Cosmetics 6 Piece Travel Brush Set

The e.l.f. Cosmetics 6 Piece Travel Brush Collection Cosmetics 6 Piece Travel Set comes with 6 brushes and a nice carrying case. They have a smaller handle and fit well within their case. Brushes included are two face brushes, 3 eyeshadow brushes and a eyebrow brush.

I like this set a lot as the handles are shorter and the carrying case is small enough to fit in most luggage sets without getting lost in the shuffle. This doesnt have the ability to stand on its own but the brushes are small enough that they wouldnt get in the way while traveling if you have a small area to work with.

Bestope Makeup Brushe 16 Piece Set

The BESTOPE 16 Piece Travel Brush Set comes with a whopping 16 brushes. There is a lot of variety when it comes to these brushes and I think would be great for even a starter brush set, not just a travel set. This comes with 16 different brushes, 9 eyeshadow brushes and 6 face brushes and an eyebrow grooming brush.

The downside to this brush set is that it does not come with a travel case so you would have to have a case ready for them. The handles are average size and you would definitely have to choose which brushes to take with you, but for the price point you definitely have options.

And there it is!

Affordable travel sets are everywhere and you can find them at pretty much any price point. I decided to focus on those that are under $20.00 CAD today but I will be branching out further as I get more into the various price points available.

I love the versatility of travel makeup brush sets and I really love the fact that a lot of them come with carrying cases. Travel brush sets are great for those who do a lot of travel or dont have much space for their makeup.

I hope you found this post helpful and I want to know, do you carry all your brushes when you travel or just a few depending on what you will be doing on your trip?

Affordable Travel Makeup Sets

Product Review – e.l.f Solid Sponge Cleanser


Something new but not toooo new. Today’s post is a product review for e.l.f. Cosmetics Solid Brush & Sponge Cleanser. The e.l.f Solid Sponge Cleaner is a cleanser for sponges but can also be used on your brushes. It works really great on both brushes and sponges.

This product doesn’t leave any residue on your brushes and can work for synthetic and natural fibre brushes without stripping any of the fibres out of your brushes. Safe for all types of brushes and sponges and leaves them feeling really clean and smelling nice.

The product is enriched with charcoal to help clean your brushes more efficiently and help to prevent breakouts in your skin. Comes in a nice secure package so it is easy to take with you if you are traveling.

A nice simple product.

There is no muss of fuss when it comes to this product. Its really easy to use, you wet the product or brush, swoop your brush in the soap, clean your brush and rinse off.

I find it does a fairly great job, in fact i have been using this product for at least a year with no major issues. The price point is what really hooked me and I have never felt the need to try any other brush cleansers. Due to the charcoal in the soap, it does a great job of really cleaning out the creamier makeups one might use.

I also found that even with frequent uses and brush cleanings, this product has lasted me a long time. SO you definitely get your bang for your buck with the little guy.

The only issue I have found when using it is that you have to really make sure to rinse your brushes properly when you use it otherwise your brushes will not dry quickly.

A little fragrant.

The sponge cleanser does have a scent. Its very floral, not unlike their daily brush cleanser. If you aren’t into floral scents I wouldn’t suggest using this cleanser as it can make your brushes smell like flowers after rinsing.

If you really like floral scents like I do, I would definitely try this product out. If you have used their Daily Brush cleanser, its smells exactly like it and honestly its such a refreshing scent.



  • Low price ($4.00 CAD)
  • Easy to take when traveling
  • Easy to use
  • Lasts a long time


  • Smell is strong
  • Can be hard to find in store
  • Can stick to the brushes if not rinsed properly
  • if not rinsed properly the brushes may take longer to dry


In summation

I really love this product. I have consistently suggested this brush cleanser to anyone who has asked. I really enjoy the smell and how easy it is to use. I love the travel case it comes in, even tho I rarely need to take it anywhere. I love it so much that I recently bought a spare!

If you are looking for an affordable brush cleanser, that smells nice and is easy to use I would highly suggest the e.l.f. Cosmetics Solid Brush & Sponge Cleanser due to its ability to really clean your brushes and leave them feeling soft and fragrant.

elf cosmetics solid sponge review

I hope you found this review helpful and have you used this product before? What brush cleanser do you use?