What Brush to Use for – Eyeshadow

what brush to use for eyeshadow

In todays post we are going to talk about the best brushes to use for eyeshadow application. I guess you could call them the essential eyeshadow brushes. Having a variety of eyeshadow brushes is important for a clean well blended eye look.

I have looked for hours to find the best eyeshadow brushes or an eyeshadow brush guide. There isnt enough information on one of the most important tools for applying makeup! I was suprised at how few sites and even books describe what kind of eyeshadows brushes you need. I hope that this guide helps you with everything you need to know about eyeshadow brushes.

Flat Eyeshadow Brush

e.l.f. Cosmetics Flat Shadow Brush

This brush is the staple to anyone who applies makeup. These brushes are used for all over colour. Its a fluffy wide brush, normally no bigger than your eyelid.

I have one or two of these types of brushes, just for an all over appllication of eyeshadow.  The broad tip allows for easy pick up of product and makes it easier to sweep a single colour over the lid. Can also be used to add highlight in the upper brow.

Blending Brush

e.l.f Fluffy Crease Brush

This guy right here is your bread and butter eyeshadow brush. I would definitely make sure to have one of these in my brush collection. This brush is nice and fluffy, usually with a tapered end.

I like to have several of these in my collection just because to have a seamless eye look blending the shadow is super important. When I do more colourful looks and ensuring I dont get a muddy look I will use a clean blending brush to connect the colours closely.

Eyeliner Brush

e.l.f Eyeliner Brush

e.l.f. Cosmetics Beautifully Precise Eyeliner Brush

This are the worlds tiniest brushes and they are great for lining your eyes if you use a gel liner or for adding detail to your looks.

I have a few of these brushes, I dont use them often because I dont use gel liners that often. I use eyeliner brushes for more detail work in my eyeshadow looks. These are great for adding a liner if you are doing a cut crease type of look.

Smudger Brush

e.l.f. Cosmetics Small Smudge Brush

These brushes come in many forms. They can be tapered like the blending brush, or they can be a smaller version of the firm shadow brush.

These brushes are great for smudging eyeshadow on your lower lid or for creating a smokey eye look when used in your eye crease area. These are a lot like the blending brush where you’re gonna want to really stretch our your wrist and blend back and forth to create a seamless blend and smudge.

Angled Liner Brush

e.l.f. Cosmetics Small Angled Brush

This is a larger version of the eyeliner brush but its great for adding shadow to your eyebrows or for adding a thick eyeliner.

I use these mostly for adding powder to my eyebrows as they are great at imitating eyebrow hairs and are small enough to work the small area in your eyebrows. They can be used if you want to do a more dramatic wing as well as they tend to cover a lot more ground than the eyeliner brush.

Firm Shadow Brush

e.l.f. Cosmetics Eyeshadow “C” Brush

These brushes are great for packing on colour. They are a stiffer brush, great for packing on pigment or adding glitter to your looks.

I use this kind of brush to pack on glitter or adding pigment to my eye looks. The stiffer brush acts like your finger which makes it easier to pick up colour.

And thats it!

This is another small post about the various eyeshadow brushes and their uses. The most important lessomn to learn here is that blending is going to be on of your major friends. Youre gonna want to go on road trips with our blending brushes. You want colours to also be best friends.

Makeup Brush Cleansers


makeup brush cleansers

Today’s topic? Makeup Brush Cleansers! I know, washing your makeup brushes is so tiring. I hate washing my makeup brushes. It takes me an hour to was my makeup brushes properly, but if you don’t wash your makeup brushes, you end up with muddy makeup looks at best and acne and eye infections at worst. It can be time-consuming but it is really important for brush health and ultimately your face.

Choosing a makeup brush cleanser is dependent on you and your likes. Most brush cleansers tend to work the same, some are better than others. There a lot of makeup brush cleansers that are scented and that could potentially be bad for someone who has sensitive skin or is reactive to scents.

So time to look at some makeup brush cleansers and get down to business.

Once again I have categorized the products into 4 easy sections.

  1. Liquid Cleanser
  2. Daily Cleanser
  3. Deep Cleanser
  4. Solid Sponge and Brush Cleanser

Liquid Cleanser

Liquid Cleansers are great for quick rinses in between deep cleanses. They clean off the brush enough to not create muddy looks, but can take time to dry so these are a lot better for overnight drying and rinsing.

M.A.C Brush Cleanser $19.00 CAD

The M.A.C. Brush cleanser is a no muss no fuss type of cleanser. Liquid formula with no fragrance that conditions your brushes as you clean them. 7.9 fl oz so you definitely get what you pay for. Great to use as an in between cleanser for you brushes so it’s great for folks like me who don’t like to spend their Sunday washing brushes.

Downside to a more liquid formula like this M.A.C. cleanser is it not for a full cleaning and is more like a rinse. It may take a lot of product to get your brush to the clean you prefer for immaculate looks but the price point isn’t bad for what you are getting. The lid can also be difficult as you have no way to direct the product unless you put it into a travel spray bottle.

Daily Cleanser

Daily cleansers are like liquid cleansers and can be used in between washes. The great thing about daily cleansers is that some can be used between colours as they dry quickly so you can rinse off a colour quickly if you don’t have a large amount of makeup brushes.

e.l.f. Daily Brush Cleanser $3.00 (Small) $5.00 (Large)

The e.l.f. daily brush cleanser is another cleanser that can be used between deep cleanses. The small version comes with 2 fl oz and the large version comes with 4.06 fl oz. Definitely affordable and a good way to clean your brush between uses. Gentle enough to use between deep washes.

The downside of this product is that there is a strong floral fragrance and that can be a bit much for those who are sensitive to scents or don’t like anything that is floral.

Deep Cleanser

Deep cleansers are meant for getting your brushes really clean. I have a concealer brush that gets pretty grimey and I have to deep cleanse it often. Deep cleansers are great for getting foundation and cream based products out of your brushes.

Real Techniques Brush Cleansing Gel $12.99

This guy comes with 5.1 fl oz and is great for a deep cleanse. Easy to use and gentle on your brushes while also being affordable is a good in my books! It effectively cleans most makeup residue on your brushes and conditions while you wash leaving your brushes smooth and soft.

Downside of this product is that to get a super effective clean you do have to use a lot of product but due to it’s affordable price, it’s not as much of a downer as some other products can be.

Solid Sponge Cleanser

Sponge and brush cleansers are great to deep cleanse your sponges and brushes. I like to use a solid cleanser because I feel like I don’t use as much product when cleaning my brushes but I always find my brushes to have a nice clean feel. I like that I don’t feel like I am wasting product when I use a sold cleanser for my makeup brushes.

e.l.f Solid Brush Cleanser $4.00 CAD

I am not going to lie. This is the brush cleanser I use for my brushes when I spend a Sunday afternoon cleaning my makeup brushes. Its affordable, lasts a long time and has not ruined one of my brushes yet. Product is 1.56 oz and like I said has lasted a long time. It has the same fragrance and the daily cleanser so it can be a little powerful. Comes in a convenient little case so it is great for travel if you ever feel the need to really deep cleanse your brushes while on a trip somewhere (because that’s the first thing I think of……I kid…mostly)

The big downside is the fragrance. Your brushes will smell like this cleanser after washing your brushes and if the floral scent is too much I would find another cleanser for sure. You do also have to make sure to really rinse your brushes after using this product because if they aren’t rinsed properly the brushes can take some time to dry.

And there we have it!

There are many types of makeup brush cleansers as you can see. There are many companies brush cleansers to choose from, starting at really affordable to luxury brands (which basically means $$$$$).

I am going to dive a little deeper and list affordable brands and the luxury brands because we all have our chosen price points and either one is great. I prefer a little more affordable brands but if someone gave me a Bobbi Brown or Makeup Forever cleanser I would not say no.

What kind of cleansers do you use? Do you like a lot or a little fragrance? Let me know in the comments!

Have a wonderful day and I hope you liked this article about the various types of brush cleansers!